‘TokHangers’ Training for Cops

VISAYAS: TokHangers is the name called for the group of specialized police officers who are trained to operate for the “TokHang” anti-drug missions. Philippine National Police (PNP) in Negros Oriental were faced with a seminar last January 23, 2017, and more activities will follow.

TokHang – Anti Drug Operation by Duterte

One of the main campaigns of current President Rodrigo Duterte for the 2016 Election was the elimination of drugs in the country. With this, he promised that within three months clear changes will be seen. “TokHang” came from two Visayan dialect – toktok (knock) & hangyo (request). This anti-drug operation is basically knocking on suspected and positive drug users and sellers to surrender to the police. For three years, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) have noted that about three million pushers and addicts surrendered and have been captured during the Oplan TokHang Operations.

Negros TokHangers

The selection for specially trained anti-drug operators called TokHangers must beforehand undergo excessive training. Each police station must require at least to TokHangers who can operate almost around the clock.

PNP Provincial Director Edwin Portento mentioned that any police used to operate in the Oplan TokHang without proper training and assessment of personality. When confronting a drug pusher or user, a police officer must both have the proper personality (superior yet friendly) and fighting training (in case the suspect fights back).

In the last 3 years, Dumaguete City have been undergoing different TokHang operation despite the lack of PDEA personnel. But aside from drugs, Dumaguete is also facing different operations such as anti-mufflers and the launching of the Discipline Zone.

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