Three Fishermen Rescued in Negros

The three fishermen who went missing for almost a week was rescued by a passing boat in Negros Occidental. Philippine Coast Guards (PCG) are interrogating whether they were drifted away or was on an illegal fishing trip.

Three Fishermen Missing!

The three fishermen, who were identified as Roselier Doring, Danny Toastomban, and John Lloyd Toastomban, went missing since Monday, January 15, 2017. They were set to venture between the waters of Barangay Canday-Ong, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and Barangay Pasihagon, Siquijor.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the three men boarded an unregistered green and white banca at their home port in Siquijor. A joint search and rescue operation was immediately conducted by the PCG of Dumaguete and Dapitan. Watercraft and vessels were also informed regarding the incident.

Fishermen Rescued

The three fishermen who went missing for almost a week was finally found and rescued by a passing boat along the waters of Barangay Culipapa, Hinoba-An, Negros Occidental. The men were drifted along the whole south of Negros Oriental, before receiving any help. The boat wherein the three boarded was said to encounter engine trouble and subsequently allowed them to drift away.

While navigating along the vicinity waters off Apo Island, subject motor banca encountered engine trouble and subsequently drifted towards the vicinity waters off Sulu Sea,” said one of the PCG Officer.

Once a distressed green and white painted boat was sighted by a passing boat, the others rendered help immediately. The three men were in good shape when they were returned to their families back in Siquijor. Although some officials have doubted the whole situation as illegal fishing, some may consider sliding this issue aside. After all, about in the week in the water can be quite depressing.

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