SLS-DB helps their brothers and sisters

St. Louis School Don Bosco, SLS DB for short, annually celebrates the Yuletide season with a little more of the giving spirit as they organize feeding programs to the less fortunate and to the needy. Since Calindagan Elementary School, which is located near the slum area, is one of the neighboring schools of SLS DB, their top priority has been noticed and taken more than the other schools.

The helping hands

Early this afternoon, SLS DB had their annual feeding program held in their gymnasium. The celebration occurred after the exam week of the students of SLS DB, also known as Bosconians. This feeding program also serves as a pre-Christmas party for the young students of Calindagan Elemntary School. The event started with a short welcoming from some Bosconians as the students of Calindagan was brought to their gymnasium with the school buses of SLS DB.

Short programs that included singing, dancing and of course games were specially made for the students of Calindagan. After the short program, the student and pupil government of SLS DB started to settle the students in their perspective places as they start to distribute their lunch.

St. Louis School Don Bosco did not only hold a feeding program but also helped every Calindagan student by giving them a complete package for their family. The package was donated by the students of St. Louis School Don Bosco that included 1 kilo rice, can goods and instant noodles. The students of St. Louis School Don Bosco were also encouraged to donate what they call as “white gifts”, old yet usable clothes, toys and of course educational books.


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