Simbang Gabi 2020 in Dumaguete City

The Simbang Gabi 2020 started December 15 to 23 (evening) and December 16 to 24 (dawn). This traditional celebration is practiced by all Catholic Filipinos in the country in celebration of Christmas Eve. However, this traditional practice will differ depending on the community quarantine guidelines in certain cities and municipalities in the Philippines. Dumaguete Cathedral will be making a live stream of this year’s Simbnamg Gabi masses. Learn more about the Simbang Gabi!

What is Simbang Gabi?

The word “simba” means church while “gabi” means night. Simbang Gabi refers to the evening or dawn masses celebrated before Christmas Eve. It is practiced widely in the Philippine and other countries such as Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Bolivia. In other countries it is known in many terms such as Misa de Aguinaldo in Puerto Rico, Misa de los Pastores (Shepherds’ Mass) in Spain, Missa do Galo in Portuguese, and Missa del Gall in Catalan.

In the Philippines, the last mass held before Christmas Eve is known as the Misa de Gallo. It is said that if you complete the Simbang Gabi without skipping even a single mass service, you can make a wish and it will come true.

Simbang Gabi in Dumaguete – Pandemic Edition

With no vaccine for the coronavirus disease, mass services will be limited/ held online. In Dumaguete City, there will be 3 different venues where physical masses will be held. They are in the Dumaguete Cathedral, COSCA Gym, and the 1st Floor of Marina Priests’ Centre. All mass services will also be streamed live on The Dumaguete Cathedral Facebook page. Simbang Gabi evening masses are at 6:00 pm while dawn masses are at 5:00 am. (Times may change without prior notice.)

For a full list of schedules and other activities, please get in touch with the Dumaguete Cathedral or St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral. Tel. (035) 225 – 4649

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