Silliman University National Writers Workshop

Ten young fellow writers finally finished the 55th edition of Silliman University Writers Workshop started from May 9 till May 27 after their manuscript had been given commentary by three panelists for over three weeks. The talented young writers are John Patrick Allanegui, Catherine Regina Hanopol Borlaza, Christian Ray Buendia, Angela Bernice Cabildo, Christine Faith Valdez Gumalai, Chris David Lao, Rj Ledesma, Arnel Murga, Marianne Freya Nono and Gawad Ustetika.

Dumaguete resident poets Myrna Pena-Reyes and Cesar Ruiz Aquino were involved in screening the manuscript submission while Lady-Flor Partosa involved as workshop coordinator and Warlito Caturay J.r and Philip Van Peel involved in secretariat with Ian Casocot. The workshop located at Camp Lookout in Valencia, on the foothills of Mt.Talinis before they moved to Siliman campus on the third-week. The whole workshop went well and filled with greatest panelist from local and overseas.

55th Silliman Writers Workshop successful

They have been guided with ‘criticism on structural deficiency’, ‘advice on the proper exercise of world-building’ and they also have to accept few judgment on the lack of epicenter, or want of a centripetal force such as “tighten up”, “mind your syntax” and “avoid tonal dialogue”. At the end of the workshop, the committee hoped that all ten fellow writers have learned something throughout the whole workshop and the Dumaguete memories will always remains in their mind.

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