Silliman High School Students win 9 Medals

Athletes from the High School Department won three gold, three silver and three bronze during the Governor’s Back-to-Back Sports Competition held last month.

Bagging gold were Jibrael Juan III P. Yap for triple jump; Chuche S. Montenegro, Julianna Nicole O. Lopez, Juliane Nicole C. Villegas and Krystel Mae Santisteban for the 4×100 meter relay-women; and Jibrael, John Kyle A. Tan, Joshua Paul M. Parreño and Dominique M. Parrocho for the 4×100 meter relay-men.

Joshua and Julianna also won silver medals for the 200m relay, along with Juliane, Krystel, Karylle Mae C. Caldera and Gerarica T. Villaflores for the 4×400 meter relay-women.

Bronze went to John and Krystel for the 100m run, and another for John in the 4x400m relay with Jibreal, Joshua and Dominique.

Source: SU-News
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