Sandurot Festival 2017

As announced by the Department of Tourism of Dumaguete City last February, the celebration of Sandurot Festival 2017 is moved to September instead of November; with the City Charter Day.

Sandurot Festival

Dumaguete is known as the “City of Gentle People”. Sandurot Festival showcases the important historical events that mold the city of Dumaguete today. It tells a story of camaraderie and hope between diverse foreign community and guests and the gentleness of the area to any visitor that dropped by.

Every municipality and town of Negros Island celebrate their own respective festivals and fiestas (usually on the same month or week). Festivals and fiestas mark an important role of tradition to the religious people of the island. Most of them are held as a thanksgiving ritual and praise to their patron saint and of course to the Almighty. The celebration of the Sandurot Festival marks another year of prosperity and protection from the city’s patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

The Sandurot Festival 2017, however, is separated by about two months from the celebration of the Dumaguete City Charter Day. Dumaguete Tourism Office explained that moving the festival will give time for the dancers and the performers to practice for the incoming grand event of Buglasan Festival.

Events for Sandurot Festival 2017

Different events like Duma Comida (Food Festival), Sandurot Festival street dancing and showdown, and fireworks display are to be the highlight events of the celebration. Minor events include drone racing, beach party, electro night run, and traditional games. Check their full schedule here!

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