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All Saint’s Day in Dumaguete City

The celebration of the All Saint’s Day is celebrated in many Christian countries around the world. It embraces the religious practices such as mass services and bringing flowers to the graves of relatives. Some places like Dumaguete also celebrates the Parade of Saints to celebrate the pre-Halloween and All Saint’s Day.

All Saint’s Day – Parade of Saints

The Catherina Cittadini-St. Louis School filled the Dumaguete streets were filled with colorful saint-inspired costumes, flowy robes, and other costumes during the Parade of Saints. Despite being a Catholic school, Catherina Cittadini-St. Louis School still encourages the celebration of Halloween with a religious twist. Instead of scary supernatural creatures and characters, the school mostly encourage the portraying of religious saints that could lead the students to a better way of living.

According to the school’s academic coordinator Roy Pavaricio, the Cittadines are inspired “that we are called to be saints and that one day, we will be one of those saints in the Church.”

The Parade of Saints started way back in 2015. It has been a way of a meaningful connection between the students and the lives of the saints portrayed during the said event. Lighting of candles and small procession were also encouraged instead of roaming around in horror chambers.

Holiday Supreme

With the previous celebration of extended Buglasan Festival 2017 and UniGames, the month of October was more or less a holiday supreme for the locals. With the celebration of All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day, the holidays will be finally concluded. Next month of holiday spirits is in December with the Pasko sa Capitolyo and Christmas Parols at the Dumaguete Quezon Park.

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