Running mayor’s house bombed

At around 4:30 am yesterday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) have reported a grenade explosion at the house of Marcelo Adanza in Zamboanguita town, Adanza was a former mayor, who is making a comeback and leading Monday’s polls.

Acting PNP provincial director for Negros Oriental, Senior Supt. Harris Fama, said that the team is working extensively to verify the bomb explosion. He clarified that it was a grenade and not just an improvised explosive device.

The said explosion damaged 2 vehicles, a white pick-up and a gray Strada, that are parked inside the residence’s premises.

As the Zamboanguita police conducted the initial investigation, they have found out that after the explosion, the neighbors heard a motorcycle speeding up towards north.

Fama admitted that he received a request from the victim about the security detail but he said that there are still protocols to follow. He, however, assured that he has directed the PNP Crime Laboratory and the Explosives Ordnance Disposal to proceed with the investigation. Police are also now deployed for the regular patrol around the area. Furthermore, he instructed the politicians to be more careful as their security cannot be fully entrusted to the police and military all the time.

This is not the first incident that the Adanza’s have encountered in their run to politics. Lourdes, the late wife of Marcelo and Kit Mark’s mother, who is also a former mayor of Zamboanguita, also reported a grenade throwing incident and her house bombed sometime in 2004.

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