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Restoration of Old Dumaguete Presidencia

The restoration of the Old Dumaguete Presidencia or the city hall will be worth about Php 50-million. Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has signed the Deed of Usufruct along with the coordination of represented director Jeremy Barns of the National Museum of the Philippines.

Old Dumaguete Presidencia

The Dumaguete Presidencia was built and designed in 1937 by one of the great Filipino architect Juan M. Arellano. During the Spanish time, it used as the city’s seating area for the government. As planned by the mayor, the city hall will be renovated and then made as a regional museum to boost tourism and preserve the Dumaguete Presidencia.

“Once the restoration project is finished, a regional museum and satellite office will be set up by the National Museum that will showcase artifacts on the local heritage of Negros Island” said City Information Officer Dems Rey Demecillo.

With different projects being released by the Dumaguete City Mayor, it is quite clear that he wants to make a change for our society. After achieving the title as a “debt-free city”, plans have been outgoing through every way. Projects like: satellite market projects, underground parking area in Quezon and in the Public market.

Dumaguete Sangguniang Panlungson have agreed to the restoration of the Old Presidencia. On Wednesday, the signing of the project was attended by stakeholders from the private sector and a group from the National Museum of the Philippines.

The said restoration of the Old Dumaguete Presidencia will also open doors in improving the tourism in the city. It is just right that the artifacts and the knowledge of the National Museum in Manila can be presented in Dumaguete. The heritage can be showcased not only to Dumagueteños, but for people from nearby regions like Cebu, Negros Occidental and Mindanao.

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