Regrowth of 12.5 Million Trees in Central Visayas

CENTRAL VISAYAS – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is targeting a total number or 12.5 Million seedlings to cover the loss of forest covers in the islands of Bohol, Siquijor, Cebu and Negros Oriental.

‘10M in 10’ Project – Negros Oriental

In line with the 10M in 10 Project of Negros Oriental, the Central Visayas has successfully reached their ninty percent (92%) target for a greener forest cover in 11,285 hectares of land. The ‘10M in 10’ stands for the 10 Million seedlings to be planted in 10 years around the lands of Negros Oriental.

In early October 2017, the DENR has proudly announced their successful plantation of 300,00 mangrove trees around the region. Aside from the 300,00 mangrove trees planted, Negros Oriental was able to plant timber species of rattan, bamboo, cacao, coffee and different fruit trees.

Greening Program in the Central Visayas – 12.5 Million Trees

Aside from the dedicated plantation of Negros Oriental, other islands of the Central Visayas also came up with a good sum to improve the forestry of their lands. The island of Cebu has planted a total of 3,251,672 seedlings in 3,558 hectares of their land, while Siquijor has planted 10,000 seedlings in 50 hectares of their land. Bohol came to a number of 4,246,935 seedlings in a land of 3,903 hectares while Negros Oriental summed up to 5.004 Million seedlings in 3,773 hectares.

The Greening program for the Central Visayas is said to restore the forestry covers to prevent any further irrigation of farmlands and to increase water qualities in river areas. Flooding and soak up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will also be reduced in high potential rate if the greening program is finished.

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