Public Market shooting in Dumaguete

The breaking news has been capsulated by many reporters and police officers since the other day’s incident in the public market of Dumaguete.

The shooting

Around 5:15 pm of March 07, an unknown assailant, who was caught stealing in the public market (specifically building 2 of the fish and meat section), stabbed an officer after being caught. The unknown assailant was supposed to be in custody by PO3 Jovy Pinili when the unknown assailant grabbed a nearby knife and furiously stabbed the police officer.

After being stabbed, Police Officer Pinili grabbed his gun hopping to slow the assailant down. He shot him in the legs around 8 times. Most vendors and civilian citizens panicked and ran to the Police Station which is less than a kilometer away from the public market (0.29 km to be exact), while some brave civilians rushed scene to help the wounded attacker and victim after the shooting and stabbing.

Police Officer Jovy Pinili was brought to a hospital for both recovery and safety, while the suspect was brought to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital guarded by the police. The police department would not say where PO3 Jovy Pinili is, for the reason of his own safety. His families were also warned and are now staying at most times in the hospital.

According to the police, Police Officer Pinili was assigned in the market and lacked communication to call for back-up or a hand. Nevertheless, nearby traffic aids and authorities rushed to warn other police officers specifically those in the police station.

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