Protests against Marcos Burial

A rally was held Wednesday at Silliman University in opposition to the Supreme Courts’ ruling of allowing former President Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.  Nearly 300 people in black shirts attended the protest that gathered around the flagpole of the university, chanting “Marcos not a hero!

Several people took turns in voicing out their disgust at the higher court’s decision about the Marcos Burial, hinting at using the power of social media to further educate the young ones who did not have a clue on what transpired during the Martial Law years.  There was a community singing of “Bayan Ko” which was taken as the protest anthem.  The rally ended with an SU alumna praying for justice and healing.

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of the Diocese of San Carlos is hoping that the Supreme Court decision will be compared to a match that will light the fire of public outcry, a fight for the sake of all victims of martial law atrocities.  He told of the case of Hendrilino Selorio Cenal of Barangay Mabini, Cadiz City, who was shot during the Escalante massacre and of the bullet that is still embedded in his hip.  Cenal said that he cannot move on, as what was suggested by the Marcos loyalists, because of the constant reminder of what it was like during those years.

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Wustin Dy

Wustin Dy

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