Port Power for Philippine Coast Guards

Under the department Order NO. 2017-006, the Philippine Coast Guards or PCG has been given the assignment of protecting the mass evacuation of Marawi victims to nearby islands, cities and provinces. The Martial Law in Mindanao has surely affected the lives of living and Marawi, therefore help is being supervised by the government.

Nearby Ports of Dumaguete and Negros

Since the month of May, victims have been evacuated in different provinces specially Negros and Dumaguete. The arrival of Marawi evacuees to Dumaguete City have brought hope to the victims of the Martial Law.

Security units attached with port activities such as the Marina, PPA port police, the Maritime Police and the Bureau of Customs are being coordinated by the Coast Guard station commander Lt. JG Donna Duran Ramacho. The lieutenant was given strict orders by her supervisors in keeping the people safe. This order will be related with the coordination of port police in order to comply for the people’s need.

The order specifically directed the Coast Guards to:

  1. Regulate and supervise vessels and watercraft movements in all areas of waterfronts
  2. Control the movement of vessels in seaports and harbors
  3. Designate security zones and restricted areas
  4. Arrest any violating vessel, passenger and drivers
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