Policeman teaches how to eat balut to tourists

One of the policemen of Dumaguete City showed how to eat balut to some tourist during their tour in the boulevard. Most of the faces of the tourist were combinations of fascination, confusion, doubts and excitement.

As a model for the City of Gentle People, one tourist police stretched his local hospitality to the foreign tourist who came and visit Dumaguete City.

What is a balut?

Balut is a very well-known delicacy here in the Philippines. It is an unborn embryo of a duckling boiled and then eaten. Variety of 14 days, 16 days and 18 days old “balut” are mostly and commonly found in every street and corner here in the Philippines. Here in Dumaguete, most of the balut and other street foods are stationed at edge of the Rizal Boulevard facing Coco Amigos near the Silliman Avenue.

Care to Dare?

After one of the roving policeman demonstrated how to eat a balut to tourist, the tourist themselves tried the new food. Although their reactions were not that clear, they for sure were very interested on this delicacy of ours.

The Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office Tourist Police Unit posted two pictures in Facebook of a certain PO3 Adling attending the needs of the uninformed tourists. These visitors were about to attend the ASEAN Tourism Forum which is being held in the city as the tourist police demonstrated his technics on eating a balut.

Whether the foreigners like it or not, it was for sure a new and interesting experience for these specific guests.

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Daisy Barredo

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