Police recruitment for NAPOLCOM

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) have approved a number of 850 new police officers from this year’s recruitment for Negros Island Region (NIR) through the Resolution No. 2017-321 released last June 2, 2017.

NAPOLCOM’s Recruitment

Negros Island Region lacks the minimum rate of police-to-population ratio, which states that every 500 civilian requires one police officer. NIR has a population of 2 million plus, indicating the need of at least 4, 076 police personnel to meet the standards of the said ratio.

The insights of this year’s recruitment for these police officers are to create contrast in police visibility, strengthen the police personnel in the region and most of all to meet the standards of the police-to-population ratio. NAPOLCOM vice chairman Rogelio Casurao mentioned that the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be recruiting 10,000 civilians for the regular recruitment quota, and 4,484 new police officers for the attrition recruitment quota.

Vice chairman Casurao also reminded the PNP chiefs of the various screening committees and the head and member of the secretariat in the strict procedures and requirements of the recruitment. This is to guarantee that only the best of the best and most qualified police personnel would be able to serve the public of Negros.

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