PNP Chief Implements Comelec Ban on Firearms

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General made effective the implementation of the gun ban and presided over the rites at the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) headquarters. Director General Ricardo Marquez led the inspection of various firearms that were retrieved through confiscation and its surrender by owners. These weapons were recovered by the Negros Island region police’s operations over the past few months and are evidence of their strict regulation and control of firearm possession.

Operations carried out by the regional police include Oplan Katok and the Lambat Sibat program that allows the gun owners who failed to renew their gun’s license to surrender or deposit the said weapon to the police.

The police have increased their checkpoints in the hope that persons carrying firearms are seized. Because of the nearing polling date, the Comelec’s strict ban on firearms secures the streets and assures the community of a safe and clean election.

“Comelec gun ban is effective in the sense that we are able to collect an instrument of violence,”
Director General Marquez said.

The Director General also urged his policemen in the Negros Island region to work closely together to guarantee the May 9 elections are peaceful and relatively safe in both the national and local levels. He asserts that this election will rather be more orderly than the previous 2010 polls. This potential peace during this important national event will only be achieved with the cooperation by both the community and the forces of the government.

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