PHP 5 Million – Better City Police for 2018

The City Police Department of Dumaguete City is now made as one of the city mayor’s priority of improvement for this 2018. Allocation of an estimated five million pesos (PHP 5,000,000) will be used.

Buying Defense and Action

With the estimated budget of five million pesos, new motorcycles, a pick-up truck and several bulletproof vests can be purchased. At least five of the motorcycle are to be purchased for the betterment of the city police’s defense and crime-fighting mechanism.

During Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo’s Christmas speech last year, the policemen of were addressed for being very brave and determined to pursue serving justice and fighting crime despite the lack of equipment. There are about 120 regular policemen and about 30 police auxiliary, who both works on a 12-hour shift, around the city.

Television for Protection

After the purchase of the millions-of-peso worth Close Circuit Television (CCTV), the mayor guaranteed the public of its fast installation within six to seven months after December. The 350 Dumaguete CCTV that will be installed soon is said to help fight against crimes, increase traffic management and for disaster response purposes.

City Police – More Visibility

The newly assigned Chief-of-Police in Dumaguete City PNP Supt. Jonathan Pineda said that more cops will be deployed in the streets not only to increase police visibility but to confront and respond to actual crimes. This will give both the city and the police department a better look in the CCTV records.

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