Pay Rise in the Visayas

Three Wage Boards in the Visayas have approved the said pay rise in the Visayas by an increase of Php 13.50 to PHP 41.50 to balance the rising prices of goods and basic necessities. The minimum wage for Eastern Visayas will now be Php 305 while the Western Visayas goes up to Php 365 and the Central Visayas to Php 386.

Pay Rise and Price Rise

With the price rising in different goods and services, many people have stood in their will for a pay rise. The party-list group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines has already filed a bill that will seek Php 320 as the across-the-board pay rise in all the regions that would lift the minimum daily wage between Php 576 and Php 832. Others seem to not happy and demands a national basic wage of Php 750.

We took into consideration the increasing prices (of basic commodities) and gasoline,” Labor Regional Director Cyril Ticao said.

Pay Rise in the Central Visayas

Among the different regions in the Central Visayas, Metro Cebu will be receiving the biggest rise with Php 20 bringing the total amount of Php 386 as minimum wage. The rest of the regions in the Central Visayas, like Negros Oriental and Siquijor, will only have a Php 15 rise.

Boracay Pay Rise

With Boracay Closed for six months for rehabilitation and clean up purposes, the pay rise will be active three months after its reopening. Workers for both private and public establishments will receive an amount of about Php 15 plus in their daily wages.

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