Oath taking of top Silliman University Law

Three of the keenest law students, who all reached the Top 10 of the national bar examination, from Silliman University will be taking their oath taking today with their heads held high. They, along with more than 3, 500 other passers, will be making their oath taking at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila.

As the pride of Dumaguete City, Silliman University has never failed to make us proud. In the history of the Silliman University Law (SULaw), it has never occurred that three (3) of the best and the smartest became the topnotchers of a National Bar Examination in the field of Law.

Topnotchers from Silliman University

The pride of Silliman University: Alana Gayle Ashley Khio (2nd place with a passing rate of 88.95%), Maria Chielo Ybio (9th place with a passing rate of 87.50%) and Andrew Stephen Liu (10th place with a passing rate of 87.45%).

It will be an honor for us all having three of the best of Silliman University Law taking their oath today in front of many people (shoppers) in the Mall of Asia Arena.


Rewarded for their hard work, second placer Alana Gayle Ashley Khio will have her full 4-year tuition fee returned to her while Maria Chielo Ybio(9th placer) and Andrew Stephen Liu (10th placer) will have half of the four year tuition fee returned.

From the generous and proud hearts of Atty. Frank Yap (SUlaw 4th place of the 1966 bar examination) and his wife co-alumna Whilma Yap, a brand-new car will be given to the 4th topnocher of this 115th Bar Examination. But since they exceeded our expectations, second placer Alana Gayle Ashley Khio will be granted this brand-new car.

Congratulations to all 3, 747 bar examination passers! You will make our country a better place.

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