NFA Rice in Negros Oriental for Php 27 only!

The National Food Authority (NFA) in Negros Oriental is selling affordable government rice at Php 27 a kilo only! Rice is the main product produced and purchased in the Philippines, and many Asian countries. Despite the trafficking rice law, which allows more rice importation in the country, the NFA sells affordable rice for all.

What is NFA?

The National Food Authority or NFA is a Philippine government agency that ensures the food security of the country. Under the Department of Agriculture, the NFA is responsible for the stability of supply and price of rice in the Philippines.

According to NFA-Negros Oriental general manager Hilaria Ganzon, they still have until August this year to unload their rice stocks before the agency shifts to its new role of simply being the source of government rice for calamities and other emergency purposes. She also said that there are about 28,000 bags of rice at the local warehouse, which are being sold to the public via accredited retailers in the local markets. A shipment of an additional 40,000 bags of imported rice is also expected for delivery to Negros Oriental before August this year, she said.

After that, we don’t know what’s next, what other instructions are to be given because right now there is an ongoing re-structuring in our agency,” said Hilaria Ganzon.

The NFA officials still do not know whether to continue selling at the current price once the stocks are exhausted. Hilaria Ganzon noted that because of the rice tariffication law, the role of the NFA in Negros Oriental would be for buffer-stocking only as commercial traders will be freely importing rice and definitely the market will be flooded with the staple. Ganzon said they are now starting the procurement process for locally-produced rice for their buffer stock, as the NFA could no longer import rice under the tariffication law.

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