Dengvaxia vaccine approved by DOH

The issue of a new vaccine has slowly caught the attention of fellow Dumagueteños and Filipinos. This new vaccine is being developed all over the world and is now ready to protect the people.

What is this Dengvaxia Vaccine for?

The newly released vaccine is actually for dengue fever. This vaccine is clinically proven to protect and immune the body for a certain period of time. The first ever dengue vaccine is world widely names as” Dengvaxia”.  Dengvaxia is approved in about three counties as of the moment. One of the countries that approved this vaccine is of course our very own, Philippines. This then is followed by Mexico and Brazil.

According to the Philippine DOH (Department of Education), they have approved the vaccine months ago (December) but made sure that the vaccine is effective. It took about 50 days of clinical testing before they can approve the Dengvaxia.

The market authorized pharmacies and other boticas of this vaccine at a decent and very reasonable price. The vaccine has been distributed all over the country and Is now being used for dengue patients.

Dengue within 10 years

Within ten years, Doctors and scientist belief that the total number of dengue patients (400 million based on Philippine records of DOH) will decrease by a maximum of 50%. Records are being close at hands to secretaries and documentaries of DOH and other health care centers for the tallying of improvement.

The people of Dumaguete are very thrilled to experience the new change of this vaccine called Dengvaxia, and are waiting for the effects this will cause.

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