New Board member in town?

An oath taking ceremony was held for the newest member of the Provincial Board of Negros Oriental, which was then followed by an appointed meeting from the Malacañang. This new member is known by the name Katrina Ramas-Uypitching Lim.

Katrina Ramas-Uypitching Lim will be attending her very first session as a member of the Provincial Board this Monday. She will be replacing her husband’s position, the late Board Member Clayborne Clyde Lim of the Liberal Party (LP), who died on the 17th of October last year.

“Under the law, a Board Member’s appointment as replacement to the person who caused the vacancy shall be signed by the President”, Vice Governor Edward Mark Macias explained.

“The replacement is determined through a nomination by the political party of the person who caused the vacancy”, Vice Gov.  Macias continued.

“Her appointment was signed by President Aquino III last Jan. 22, although she had received it weeks later”, Vice Gov. Macias disclosed.

New Board Member Katrina Lim took her oath Wednesday before Judge Katrina Gonzalez-Pasicaran of the municipal trial court of Bindoy, which was also in the presence of Liberal Party Provincial Chair Jocelyn Limkaichong, Vice Governor Macias, and other Liberal Party members and Board Members. Another important person who attended the oath taking were Rep. George Arnaiz (Nationalist People’s Coalition), who will be running for governor in the May 9, 2016 elections, under the LP-NPC coalition.

Board Member Katrina Lim will serve; however, she will only serve until the end of the term her husband was supposed to take.

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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