NEVER-Ending Story Part 11: Eco Park 35% Complete

In the NEVER-Ending Story Part 8: Eco Park in Dumaguete, Mayor Antonio Filipe Remollo announced last July 2019 that a new solution was made for the Candau-ay Dumpsite. A budget of 7 Million pesos was allocated for the Eco Park and Central Material Recovery Facility. After about three months, the city government is proud to announce the 35% complete building of the Eco Park. See the pictures below!

Eco Park & Central Materials Recovery Facility Now 35% Complete

Civil works continue for the P 7 million Central Materials Recovery Facility in the 8-hectare lot in Barangay Candau-ay that will serve as the site for both the Central Materials Recovery Facility and sanitary landfill upon the closure of the dumpsite. The Central Materials Recovery Facility, which was approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is now 35% complete according to proponent Engr. Leticia Duran.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that all garbage brought to the central MRF will be segregated: biodegradable can be converted into organic fertilizer, recyclables will be sold, plastic wastes will be turned into chairs for public schools and the residuals (dili mapuslan) will be buried at the sanitary landfill. Once the Eco-Park and Waste Disposal Facilities are complete and operational, the Candau-ay dumpsite will be closed permanently.

Appeal for Proper Waste Segregation

In line with the ongoing construction of the Eco Park and the Central MRF, the city government made an appeal to the public regarding proper waste segregation. The sincere appeal is for all the residents and business owners in Dumaguete City to observe the segregation of all garbage/wastes at source.

  1. Malata (Biodegradable) will be buried in a compost pit at source
  2. Non-Biodegradable (dili malata) for recycling and reselling at MRF
  3. Residuals (non0recyclable) will be disposed in the sanitary landfill

All the 30 barangays in Dumaguete City are mandated to implement source segregation, segregated collection and segregated destination of waste including the establishment of Materials Recovery Facility. The city government is responsible in collecting the residual wastes. Garbage bags without stickers may no longer be collected. We must practice segregation to reduce the volume garbage, avoid dengue and other pests to ensure a cleaner and healthier city.


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