NEVER-Ending Story Part 10: 8 Million for Closing Dumpsite

The Dumaguete City government has allotted an amount of Php 8 Million for the closure and rehabilitation plan of the Candau-ay dumpsite. In our NEVER-Ending Part 2 back in January 2018, the city announced the closure and rehabilitation of the dumpsite with an amount of Php 7.7 Million pesos. After more than a year, the city tries to resolve the dumpsite problem with more money and better rehabilitation plans.

8 Million for Closing Candau-ay Dumpsite

The closing and rehabilitating of the dumpsite will involve various tasks. These tasks include cutting and filling/stripping of old garbage outside the perimeter fence near Consuelo Village, transfer of all removed garbage from outside of the perimeter fence to dumpsite area, backfilling of steep slope using excavated materials, cut and fill/stripping of top waste layer of garbage and compacting to 10.00 meters height. Thereafter, ballastro clay and soil will be spread and compacted before the laying of Bermuda grass sods or its equivalent on slopes and carabao grass on top surface of the dumpsite and planting of “mani” shrubs.

New Park? New Barangay Hall?

According to the City Public Information Office Dems Demecillko, once completed the garbage dump will have a landscape that will resemble a park which will be opened to the public as an open space and could be another site for the new barangay hall and other facilities. While waiting for the completion of the central Materials Recovery Facility and sanitary landfill inside the 8-hectare Eco-Park and Waste Disposal Facilities, the trash at the dumpsite is being treated with bio-enzyme to neutralize the odor and hasten decomposition. 

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council chaired by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo earlier declared a state of calamity in 6 barangays namely Candau-ay, Balugo, Cadawinonan, Junob, Batinguel, and Camanjac. The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council resolution stated that the open dumpsite in Candau-ay has been continuously producing contaminated air that may cause a lot of diseases, significant health and environmental threats both to the people involved in the operations and the wider general public.

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