Mt. Kanlaon Quakes to 155

After the previous low-energy phreatic (steam-driven) and dark ash eruption of Mt. Kanlaon last December 09, 2017 at 9:47 AM, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) announced the surprising new records of the volcano’s quakes and movements.

Mt. Kanlaon – Steams and Ashes Up

The steam and dark ash eruption last Monday, December 09, 2017, was recorded to last to about approximately 10 minutes. According to PHILVOCS, the steam and the ash were not properly observed due to the cloud formation that surrounded the summit of the volcano.

The degassing of the summit crater of Mt. Kanlaon was last observes in September 2016. The volcano, however, went to under many levels during the whole year of 2017. In the early month of May, Mt. Kanlaon was announced to be lowering its alert levels and by July trekking to the mountain was reopened. But on the month of August and November, the alert levels went to Alert 1 & Alert 2; respectively.

The different barangays near Mt. Kanlaon heard the recent rumbling sounds during the eruption. This includes the barangays of Manghanoy, La Castellana, Sitio Guintubdan (where a thin ashfall was also felt), Aral-al, La Carlota City.

Quakes and Rumbles of Mt. Kanlaon

PHILVOCS has announced that the volcanic earthquakes of Mt. Kanlaon have increased from 3 to 155 over the past 24 hours of Monday, December 09, 2017. The active volcano also discharges white steam higher than 1,000 meters height before drifting to the southwest.

Safety First

Inclined to the continuous rise of alert within the surrounding areas of Mt. Kanlaon, different departments such as health and disaster & risk management have monetized the different possible nearby evacuation areas for the public. Aviation around the area of the volcano’s summit is also being avoided by the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Philippines.

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