Leptospirosis Cases Increase in Western Visayas

Two hundred thirty-two (232) leptospirosis cases and twenty-seven (27) deaths have been recorded in the Western Visayas from January to June 16 of the year 2018.

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is an infection caused by a corkscrew-shaped called “Leptospira”. Main carriers of this bacteria are rats and other rodents. Leptospirosis can affect not only humans but animals as well. Spreading of leptospirosis goes fast due to the fact that humans can get infected by infected animal urine and infected water or food.

Other ways of getting infected by leptospirosis are contaminated drinking water, food and soil contaminated by infected urine or blood. Open flesh wounds infected by contaminated water or other liquids; except saliva.

Symptoms include meningitis, respiratory disease, liver failure and kidney damage.

The cases have increased by more than 100 percent comparing to the 87 cases recorded on the same period of last year,” said Dr. Ma. Sophia Pulmones.

Most of these cases are in Negros Occidental with 83”, she added.

Dr. Ma. Sophia Pulmones is the chief of Department Of Health -6 local health support division, citing data from the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (RESU). With Negros Occidental having most of the cases, the infection can spread fast and may reach Negros Oriental. Below are some ways to prevent leptospirosis for a safer community.

Leptospirosis Preventions

Prevention for Pets & Animals

  • Vaccinate your pet or animals
  • Do not handle your pets or animal before it has received treatment
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap or handwash
  • Use 1:10 part household bleach and waters for anti-bleaching cleaning solution

Prevention for Humans

  • Wash out fresh or old cuts and grazes with water and disinfectant, and dry well
  • Flush out your mouth and eyes, and any exposed skin, with lots of running water
  • Wash your hands and face well
  • Illuminate, isolate or minimize contact with infected animals


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