Langub Festival 2016

The celebration of the fiesta of the municipality of Mabinay has officially started on the 19th of January.  However, the most recognized and most celebrated event of the city fiesta is their Langub Festival.

Every town’s people of the municipality of Mabinay have done this tradition and cultural event since their municipality was first known to the Island of Negros.

Langub Festival

The Langub Festival of Mabinay is one of the most awaited events of the whole town. It is a week-long celebration of festivity and merry making. The word “Langub” was originated from the local term “cave”. Since the municipality of Mabinay is very well known as the cave capital of Negros Oriental, the celebration of the Langub Festival is given more traditional and honorable proposes to the town.

The Opening Salvo of the 56th Charter Day celebration and the presentation on Miss Mabinay 2016 candidates were the first events held in accordance to the city fiesta and the Langub Festival last January 01. The rest of the week-long events were fallen from the 19th of January up to 26th of January.

Events and Schedules

According to the tourism office of Mabinay, the important events such as the Miss Mabinay 2016 pageant and Langub Festival 2016 street dancing and showdown competition will fall on the consecutive days of January 23 to 24.

Other big events, however, are being well distributed and organized by the tourism officers as the fully scheduled week is being filled in with details. The celebration of the Langub Festival is being the top priority of every tourism officer of Mabinay as of the moment.


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