Gun Attack on Local Broadcaster in Dumaguete City

A local broadcaster in Dumaguete City and former chairman of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines – Dumaguete City chapter received gun shoots by masked gunmen near his boarding house last April 30, 2018.

Local Broadcaster Shot Down

The local broadcaster was identified as Edmund Sestoso; a main anchor of the morning public radio program “Tuganan Sa Power 91” on radio station dyGB 91.7 FM. A 51 years old male who lives in Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City.

Edmund Sestoso was on his way home from his radio work when he received five-gun shots from unknown motorcycle-riding gunmen. The bullets ran through Edmund Sestoso through his chest, stomach and leg. The pedicab driver on which the victim rode home intended to bring him to the closest hospital but one of the tires was shot as well.

Good Samaritans had to wait for another vehicle to take the wounded radioman to a health facility where he was expected to undergo emergency surgery,” the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines in Manila said.

His friends and family were devastated, angry and disappointed while Edmund Sestoso was in Silliman University Medical Center. Media members were eager to receive a tiny amount of information regarding the said situation.

Death After Noon

The following day after the gun shooting, Edmund Sestoso was announced dead at 3:25 in the afternoon by his attending physicians at the Silliman University Medical Center. He died with multiple organ failure and that his reliance on life support could not even save him. A lot of blood was lost as well, another leading reason for his death.

Media Alert and Concerns

After the shooting of a local broadcaster in Dumaguete City, people were on their guards and are alert on anything that come what may. His colleagues in particular are very well aware and alert of the possible situation. The Dumaguete Press Club president Juancho Gallarde said he condemns the shooting “in the highest possible terms.”

This is an affront to press freedom. Everybody, not just members of the fourth estate should be worried about (this) because of its implications. If we are silenced, who would take the cudgels of bringing to fore ills in government as well as the illegals?” said Dumaguete Press Club president Juancho Gallarde.

City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo also commanded his authorities yesterday (Tuesday) to further investigate on the said case and the motif of this local broadcaster’s killers.

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