Governor Lost in Libel Case Against Radio Broadcaster

Back in 2015, Negros Oriental Governor Roel R. Degamo has filed a complaint against a radio broadcaster in Dumaguete for libel or public false statement. The radio broadcaster, after showing various evidences of his actions win the libel against the governor, was released by the Regional Trial Court.

Dumaguete Radio Broadcaster on air

The radio broadcaster of Dumaguete that was sent to court by the Negros Oriental governor is known as “Rex Cornelio” by many radio listeners. His real name on the other hand is Cornelio Pepino from the DYMN Energy FM.

Governor Degamo filed the complaint after hearing what the broadcaster has to say regarding the him as a corrupt public official’. Aside from calling the governor corrupt, he included the statement regarding the governors being against the idea of the Negros Island Region because “his (governor) share will diminish…”. The broadcaster also mentioned during his radio airing that the governor did not care on the complaints against the mining activity in Sta. Catalina. Adding to this, the broadcaster also said that the governor is not taking responsibilities if he continues to overprice government projects and takes the Intelligence Fund for the other government uses.

Broadcaster’s evidences

Broadcaster Cornelio went to court after the filed complaint. He brought along with him different evidences to show that he was just informing the public of matters that are true and reliable. Regarding the “corrupt public official”, Cornelio explained that he was reading a text message sent by a lister on air. As for the other issues regarding the gold mining the radio broadcaster brought with a letter from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau which requests the governor to terminate the gold mining. A report of the Department of Budget and Management and form the Commission on Audit was brought as well to court regarding the overpriced government projects and the Intelligence Fund matters respectively.

Presiding Judge Arlene Catherine Dato announced in a 14-page decision that the Rex Cornelio was just doing his responsibilities as a radio broadcaster who must tell the public regarding truthful matters.


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