Good Friday Procession in Dumaguete City

In celebration of Holy Week, the Good Friday Procession or Vigil: Santo Intiero marks as one of the highlights of the whole Christian celebration of Lenten Season. The procession was held yesterday afternoon of March 30, 2018, around the streets of Dumaguete City.

Lenten Season & Holy Week 2018

Aside from the birth of Jesus Christ, which we all know as Christmas, another eventful and historical event for all Christian and Catholic believers is the Lenten Season. Lent is a religious practice of following the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends six weeks later before Easter Sunday (day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead). The last week of Lenten Season is called the Holy Week. In this week, Christians would commemorate on Jesus Christ’s way to the cross, crucifixion, and death, and finally, his rising up from the dead.

Dumaguete City is mostly populated by Christian and Roman Catholic believers. It is not a surprise that the celebration of the Good Friday Procession was attended by hundreds of religious locals and eager tourists.

Good Friday Procession

The Good Friday Procession is not just an ordinary walk around the city streets of Dumaguete. Display of saints and religious figures (Jesus’s suffering, Mary Magdalene, Jesus with his cross, Salome and etc.) placed in a wheeled booth and arranged flowers can be seen during the procession as well.

The procession’s starting and ending point was in front of the Dumaguete Cathedral. The procession took about an hour and a half before the final words of the priests and other authorized religious heads gave the final words of the event.

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