Fire in Barangay Bagacay – 13 Houses Burned

Thirteen houses were affected during a fire in Barangay Bagacay yesterday, May 19, 2019, around 10 o’clock in the morning. Out of these thirteen houses, 18 families and around 70 individuals are affected. The source of fire is not yet clarified. Donations and relief goods are slowly distributed to the victims.

Fire in Barangay Bagacay

The Fire Department of Dumaguete City arrived at the scene just past 10:15 am. The officers said that they were having a hard time putting the fire out since the houses were very close to each other. There were no casualties, however, minor burns in one or two of the individuals were made. Everything the victims owned were destroyed by the fire. A few plates, some clothes, and some cellphone survived. An area of roughly 20 square meters was affected by the fire in Barangay Bagacay.

Donations for Fire Victims

For the time being, some families are scraping out their belongings that were destroyed by the fire. Some families have left to seek shelter with their relatives. Some spent the night at the Bagacay Gym. Since elections were held recently, many of the newly elected and re-elected government leaders started taking actions by donated relief goods for the victims. A few blankets and supplies were given as well as some clothing.

Donations and financial support are highly appreciated and accepted. Please visit the Barangay Hall of Bagacay or contact 0905 586 4265 (Barangay Captain’s number). You can also give your donations directly to the victims. Location: Jose Romero Road, Dumaguete City (just after AC Glass Chain).

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