Fire hits Barangay Looc in Dumaguete

A fire hit Barangay Looc around 1:00am early morning close to the barangay hall. It was spreading fast. The fire department and many helpers were able to protect the neighboring areas and to extinguish the last flames around sunrise.

Hundreds of people affected

125 families were affected according to the Barangay Captain Angelita Ragay. There also were casualties. While many rumors spreading different websites and pages, investigations still going on, therefore, we don’t participate in any speculations.

According to some officers of the fire department and the police it spread very fast. The reason for this could vary. The long dry summer is one of the reasons why the flames worked their way through the dried out wood very far. However, they also didn’t rule arson out at the time we spoke to them.

Help for Barangay Looc

Many lost everything but their life. The Barangay Captain already installed a small help center, where people can drop off cloths, kitchenware, just about everything they can share. The Barangay Hall of Looc is located at the second entrance of the Dumaguete pier area. However, any help is appreciated and can also be dropped off at the chapel of Barangay Looc.

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Wustin Dy

Wustin Dy

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