‘Dumaguete Signage’ Finalized

Prior to the social media discussion on the design of the Dumaguete signage this week, the finalization of design was clarified. The I ♥ Dumaguete v.s. #DumaGeTmE has was on the discussion of the new signage this week. Hundreds of people reacted and commented though out the post.

Through the social media of Facebook, the LUPAD Dumaguete “City of Gentle People” the announcement and reasons for the new signage was posted.

“Clarifications and information”

According to the post, previous options and suggestions are respected by the administrators. However, the new design will prevail in the construction of the new signage. Here are some of the reasons explained by the post regarding the design.

  • “#DumaGetMe is just a hashtag”
  • “emphasized that this signage is donated by the Negros Oriental Association-USA”
  • “icon is unique, a key element in the strategy of branding”
  • “previous signage was totally destroyed following a series of typhoons and its exposure to the scorching heat of the sun and saltwater which hastened its corrosion and eventual collapse.”
  • “ ‘Dumagute Got Me’ visitors would say”

Final Dumaguete Signage

The post was rather aggressive, but borderline ridiculous. The comments and discussion continuous to scatter through the post. Most people “pushing” are still suggesting to old signage, however, administration is also push in keeping their eyes on the price with the new signage.

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