Expats Celebrate Swiss National Day with Locals

Swiss expats who reside in Dumaguete City, Dauin and the surrounding areas had a great time celebrating the annual Swiss National Day at Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort over a dinner buffet and some drinks. Locals, friends, families and even resort guests were invited to join in the feast and merrymaking yesterday August 01, 2018.

Swiss Night at Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort

The Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort in Dauin became the venue for the celebration of the Swiss National Day. To celebrate the holiday, the resort gave a Swiss Buffet with sausages, grilled chicken, and pork, potato salad, lyoner, cheese and more! Topped off with a great dessert, the dinner buffet was an exquisite treat for all who came.

Singing, dancing and yodeling were also seen and heard during the celebration. Locals, friends, and family also joined in the celebration of the Swiss National Day. The celebration is also known as Schweizer Bundesfeier in German, Fête nationale suisse in French, Festa nazionale svizzera in Italian and Fiasta naziunala svizra in Romansh.

PADI Awarding

Aside from celebrating the Swiss National Day, Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort was also the venue for the awarding and receiving of multiple certificates and awards.  Businessman Christian F. Heim is the owner of Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort, Vida Homes Condo Resort and Sea Explorers. The PADI Regional Manager, Conny Jeppson, came personally to award Sea Explorers Dauin for the different achievements in completion, outstanding contribution, and outstanding services. To claim the awards were business owner Christian F. Heim and Sea Explorers partner Herve Jain .

PADI Awarding - Sea Explorers Dauin
(from right to left) Businessman Christian F. Heim, PADI Regional Manager Conny Jeppson & Manager Herve Jain.

Short History of Swiss National Day

The first of August is a grand celebration for all people coming from Switzerland. The Swiss Confederacy first celebrated the event in 1891 but was not celebrated annually until the year 1899. By the year 1994, Swiss National Day became a holiday were people wear traditional attires, sing, eat, dance and blow fireworks up in the air.

Swiss National Day - Christian F. Heim


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