Duterte Impenitent after Ranting European Union

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte directly threatened to ask European Union(EU) ambassador to leave the country after they criticize the administration of his drug war affairs. A day after the president’s threatening, Duterte gave unapologetic statements during his speech in Dumaguete City.

Criticism of the Drug War Administration

The European Union have showed their critics in various ways during their stay in the Philippines; including the holding of signs “STOP SILENCING DISSENT!” & “STOP THE KILLINGS!” messages expressing the growing number of killings in the country.

Earlier this October, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano as the secretary of the Foreign Affairs department had a talk with UpFront’s Mehdi Hasan regarding the administration of the drug war affairs in the Philippines. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano did his best to defend the president’s drug war.

“That’s not true…Independent investigators have seen the progress,” Senator Cayetano.

Duterte’s Impenitent Ranting

Philippine President Duterte directly threatened the ambassadors and delegates of the EU with his ranting and “expression of outrage”, as quoted by Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella, with these statements which were said on the month of September:

“I read the condemnation of the EU against me. I will tell them, ‘fuck you.’ You’re doing it in atonement for your sins,” the president said.
“And then EU now has the gall to condemn me. I repeat it, ‘fuck you,’” he added.

During his speech in Dumaguete City, for the opening salvo for the Buglasan Festival 2017 celebration, Duterte is impenitent regarding his ranting and simply said:

“Do not impose on us, do not threaten us. Do not even reprimand us. If you can say 10 things bad in the Philippines, I can say more things about you,” Philippine President Duterte said.

“Go ahead and try to delist us from our membership. Go ahead so the people will know how stupid you are.  If you come here, I will slap you. If you are expelled in the UN, it will be a big issue,” he added.

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