Duterte and China to End Telecom Duopoly

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is now attempting to break the duopoly that is currently occurring in the country’s telecom industry. With the help of the Chinese government as a third telecom player, this issue will be resolved.

Breaking of the Duopoly

Duopoly is when two suppliers dominate the market for any given product, material or service. The country’s telecom is being operated by two companies; namely PLDT, Inc. and Globe Telecom. With the third-party participation of the Chinese telecommunication, the duopoly break causing services for the country. Internet speed will be expected to perform better with the breaking of the duopoly in the Philippine’s telecommunications.

“So the good news is, consumers can look forward now to better telecommunications, not just in terms of cellular technology but also in terms of Internet speed as well as access,” said spokesman Harry Roque.

After the Philippine government signed with an affiliate of Facebook, Presidential spokesman Harry Roque gave the announcement. The Pacific Light Cable Network “Luzon Bypass” project is said to provide a bandwidth of two terabits per second (tbps).

“President Duterte offered to the People’s Republic of China (PROC) the privilege to operate the third telecom carrier in the country,” said Presidential spokesman Harry Roque.

National Broadband Plan in the Philippines

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque mentioned that the initial cost for the NBP (national broadband plan) will be about PHP 200 billion. This is because of the recommended contribution made by the providers of the broadband. And according to Harry Roque, PHP 77 Billion have been already spent by the government.

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