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Dumaguete Triathlon 2019

A total of 205 triathletes participated in this year’s Dumaguete Triathlon 2019 set last November 24, 2019. The swimming, cycling and running event was held in celebration of the 71st Dumaguete Charter Day or simply the Dumaguete Fiesta 2019. According to City Tourism Officer Jacque Veloso Antonio, the priority of the event was the safety of all triathletes.

2nd Dumaguete Triathlon

A few days before the event, different Sangguniang Kabataan Members (SK Members) handed out a printed form for businesses that will be affected during the Dumaguete Triathlon 2019. Areas such as Bacong Road, Escaño Beach and downtown area were briefed for the event. The form requested that pet owners keep their pets indoors during the duration of the event.

Check out this year’s Timetable for the Dumageute Triathlon 2019

Timetable or schedule of the Dumaguete Triathlon 2019 last November 24, 2019

Swim – Cycle – Run in Dumaguete

The 205 triathletes from all over the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao) gathered at the Escaño Plaza. They started the event with the swim course at the Escaño beach, followed by the sprint of one loop is 750 meters long while the standard is composed of two loops at 1,500 meters. Then for the bike, the sprint is 20 kilometers going to Bacong and back while the standard is twice the same route. On the sprint, one loop is 5 kilometers and the standard course is 10 kilometers.

Winners of Dumaguete Triathlon 2019:

Standard Male 40-44
1st Mulder, Mark 2:28:49:28
2nd Dayao, Wilbur 2:48:15:64
3rd Tuario, Ronnel 2:47:13:19

Standard Female Over-All
1st Dumaran, Alexandra 2:27:41
2nd Abuan, Geraldine 2:55:15
3rd Nazareno, Olana 2:57:47

Standard Female 18-29
1st Piñero, Hellene 3:18:12
2nd Inoferio, Sarah Mae 3:58:03

Standard Female 30-39
1st Golez, Merlouine 3:44:30

Female Sprint Road
1st Wolley, Rachel 1:33:11:37
2nd Tagra, Cheryl Mae 1:39:41:38
3rd Mulder, Giselle 1:42:04:14

1st Team Amorganda 2:06:31:22
2nd Team D’ Corner A 2:16:56:44
3rd Team H15 2:35:35:78

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