Dumaguete Mayor interacts with Senior Citizens

Earlier today, Dumaguete Mayor Manuel Teves Sagarbarria and his organizers have prepared a small activity to interact with the senior citizens of our beloved town. The said activity was said to be a heart-to-heart talk with the aged people of Dumaguete.

The gathering

The gathering of the senior citizens was indeed a great sight as they actively endured the activities set before them by the mayor and his organizers.  Part of the activity included the singing of National Anthem and Patriotic Oath.  This was followed by a welcoming speech provided by the city’s beloved Dumaguete City Mayor, Manuel Teves Sagarbarria.

The program was intended to socialize and interact with the aged people of Dumaguete City. Matters of Christmas, giving and other sorts were mentioned during the mayor’s talk.  There were more than twenty senior citizens who participated in the said activity excluding their other relatives who also attended the said program.  The program looked more like a small Christmas party for all the senior citizens excerpt there were no exchange gifts.

As the senior citizens meet and greet each other, the convincing words of the mayor brought them to a good mood. However, people who heard of the program mentioned that it was only a “step building” activity to convince the senior citizens for the upcoming election.

Facebook user Gerry Ko commented:

”Ayawg uwata ang mga senior, im0ng pepangsaaran na sauna hasta ang mga womens pero asa naman ang saad? Duol2 daun abi hapit na elections. … Cgeng way kwarta ang kaban, mao ng ang xmas bunos ng gamay ang mga job orders way madawat pero ang suod og secretary nilibo. …”

Gerry Ko’s point as he commented this was that because of the election, the mayor tried to convince the senior citizens. He also mentioned that he is tired of seeing no Christmas bonuses for the job orders while his secretary gets thousands.

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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