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Dumaguete Crime Rates Lowered in 2021

The Dumaguete Crime Rates lowered in the year 2021, as reported by the government office via their Facebook page. Five barangays registered as zero index crimes, while only one case of murder was reported this year (from January – October 2021). Acting Chief-of-Police Lt. Col. Joeson B. Parallag told Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and the membership of the City Peace and Order Council that the number of crime incidents declined by 31.87% from January to October 2020 with 957 cases to just 652 for the same period in 2021.

Dumaguete Crime Rates 2020 V.S. 2021

The Index Crimes for the year 2020 tallies to 113, meanwhile 2021 tallies to 101 only. Index Crimes include murder, homicide, physical injury and rape, and crimes against property such as robbery, theft, carnapping/carjacking, and cattle rustling. The barangays with a high number of index crimes are Barangay Daro (10), Bagacay (8), Candau-ay (8) and Taclobo (6). The number of rape cases increased from 6 in 2020 to 17 in 2021, which are now filed in court or for filing. From 8 murder cases in 2020 only 1 murder case was committed in 2021 in Barangay Taclobo, which is also filed in court.

Meanwhile, five barangays registered as zero index crimes (Balugo, Banilad, Buñao, Mangnao, and Tabuc-tubig. While Poblacion 1, Pobacion 5, Bajumpandan, Cantil-e and Motong reported just 1 crime incident in 2021.

Mayor Remollo and Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie Amores, who chairs the Peace and Order Council, commended PNP Dumaguete for the significant decrease in the crime incidents and manifested their continued support to the law enforcement agencies to keep the city residents safer.

P/Lt. Col. Parallag stressed that the decrease in crime incidents is the result of the strategic deployment of personnel using the crime clock, map, intelligence, police operations, checkpoints, and massive information on crime prevention tips.


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