Dumaguete City – Lungs Proposal

Architect Ned Carlos, of the principal architect of Dumaguete City-based Carlos and Antique Architects, is proposing to start an urban garden project called “lungs” in the densest areas in the city. It is a project to help lessen the carbon dioxide discharged by thousands and thousands of vehicles in Dumaguete City.

What is “lungs”?

Dumaguete City it the capital of Negros Oriental and it holds most of the population of the province. It is no surprise that the atmosphere is polluted from the smoke coming out of thousands and thousands of motorcycles, pedicabs, and cars. Architect Ned Carlos is proposing to create a project called “Lungs” in the densest areas in the city. Lungs is an urban gardening plan that promotes planting more trees to lessen the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and create a healthier environment for all.

Having a total population of about 132,000 by the year 2015, Dumaguete City is most likely polluted. The Lungs project is to create two side-walks, a pedicab lane, a motorcycle lane, two car lane separated by two non-canopy trees, a canopy tree, some hedges, and bushes. (draft picture below)

Lungs Proposal - Dumaguete City

Dumaguete – Creating a Better Environment

Architect Ned Carlos said that the simplest way is by planting thousands of trees around the city. Greenbelts of indigenous trees planted near the major roads will help offset carbon dioxide emissions. He also mentioned that sustainability could make excellent business and tourism sense in Dumaguete City. It is prudent for Dumagueteños to contribute to the efforts in making the city healthy for all of its residents.

We must re-design the way Dumaguete City functions if we are to leave our children—who in 25 years will be raising children of their own—a city that is functional and healthy,” Carlos said.

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