Dumaguete City Chaos After ECQ Lifted

After the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in several areas in the Philippines, including Negros Oriental, there has been nothing else but chaos in the streets of Dumaguete City. The swarm of motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses jam the road like it’s 2 Days before Christmas. Social distancing is no longer a term in anyone’s vocabulary.

ECQ Lifted in Negros Oriental

The ECQ was officially lifted on May 1, 2020 after Provincial Governor Roel Degamo signed Executive Order No. 29, Series of 2020. In this ordinance, several businesses could open including malls, department stores and restaurants. This of course led to a bit of confusion to many business owners, specially restaurant owners. A new Executive Ordinance was then posted on May 2, 2020 at 7:06 PM by the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental to clarify this dilemma. Restaurants can open for take-out and delivery only. The liquor ban was also reiterated under section 2 of the new Executive Ordinance No 29 – A, Series of 2020.

Despite the lifting of the ECQ and the implementation of the General Community Quarantine, it is written in the Executive Order that by law everyone should still stay at home. They can only go out if they need to buy groceries, medication or other essential goods or services.

Dumaguete City Chaos – Roads Just like Christmas!

If you live in a country that practices Christmas, then you will know what and how exactly the streets of Dumaguete look like. Since May 1, 2020 when the General Quarantine has been implemented in Negros Oriental, people have been coming out of their homes to get some “fresh air”. Although the Executive Order allowed people to go out of their homes, it is still not advisable to go out unless you are buying groceries, medication or any other needs. People should still STAY AT HOME!

However, this is not what most people in Dumaguete City and the neighboring municipalities though. Hulugwag ug Kasikas sa Dumaguete Facebook Page even quoted “Dumaguete is back to normal now 🤩” after sharing a post by Garly Vinz Baldado of Dumaguete City’s Monday morning packed with people. Normal is not the word anyone would say after looking at the situation of Dumaguete’s streets and downtown area.

Establishments such as internet cafes, movie houses, gyms, bars, karaoke bars, massage, parlors, spas, hotels, inns, lodging houses, tourism services, leisure facilities, gaming, and amusement centers will remain CLOSE.

Since the rest of the establishments such as malls and department stores are open, several trucks and cargos are being imported to the city. This adds up to the hundreds of people going to the city to get some fresh air. All of this would be fine if of course social distancing, wearing of a mask and other hygienic protocols are met. Sadly, even the first (social distancing) is not properly observed.

What will become of Dumaguete City with such behavior from its people? Dumaguete is NOT back to normal. The city may have been vigilant in the first few months of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Only time will tell on what consequences all must suffer when the “second wave” hits us all. Again…STAY AT HOME!

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