Dumaguete Boulevard’s Reclamation Project Continued

It seems like another never-ending story of the Rizal Boulevard Reclamation Project will have it’s end after all. Last June 2019, Mayor Felipe Antonin “Ipe” Remollo’s plan to restore and construct the Rizal boulevard was stopped by the Philippine Reclamation Authority or PRA. Now, the DENR has granted the continuation of the construction again.

Rizal Boulevard – Reclamation Project Stopped

Sometime in June 2019, Dumaguete Mayor decided to have the Dumaguete Boulevard Under Rehabilitation. This project was intended as a sports ground wherein 17,715 square meters of land will be reconstructed. The project included the construction of eight volleyball units/handball courts, lamp posts, walkways, and promenade areas. The program was said to be necessary to preserve and protect the buildings and communities along the shoreline. A document was even signed (but no written name) on behalf of the Philippine Reclamation Authority general manager & chief executive officer lawyer Janilo E. Rubiato.

Despite the grant and permission from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Dumaguete Mayor Remollo’s plan was stopped. Several Environmental Groups in Dumaguete signed a petition to stop the rehabilitation or construction in the Boulevard.

Reclamation Project Continued

After the so-called “stop’ of the project, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under Sec. Roy Cimatu has signed the approval of the “Area Clearance” for Dumaguete’s reclamation project as of December 16, 2019.

It stated that after a thorough review of the requirements submitted of the suitability of the area for reclamation based on its status, appropriate use, and potential impact on the environment, including mitigation and enhancement measures, the applicant City Government of Dumaguete is hereby granted this Area Clearance for the proposed development project along Rizal Boulevard, Poblacion 4, Dumaguete, province of Negros Oriental, Island of Visayas, by the DENR. This Area Clearance covers the remaining area of the reclamation project by the City Government of Dumaguete Development Project along the Rizal Boulevard.

Cimatu’s order also said that the City must follow requirements and guidelines of EO 74 of Feb 1, 2019; submit engineering geological and geohazard assessment report and secure an amended ECC covering the reclamation area and issues of untreated water wastes. This clearance is valid for five years from December 16, 2019.

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