Drug Rehabilitation Program in Negros Oriental

Drug Rehabilitation is one way of kicking out the old habit of drugs in users and pushers. Here in Negros Oriental, two Local Government Unit (LGU) will be launching the community-based drug rehabilitation. This program is both approved medically and religiously to provide a second chance for the drug users and pushers who surrendered under the Drug War Oplan Tokhang.

Oplan Tokhang – Duterte’s Drug War

It has been almost two years since the 2016 elected President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte started his presidential campaign with starting anti-drug program. After being officially called the president, he immediately started his war against drugs. The program was called Tokhang short for toktok hangyo (knock on a suspected drug user or pusher’s home to persuade them to surrender and stop their illegal activities).

Drug Rehabilitation Program

In concern to giving drug pushers and users a second chance, the Drug Rehabilitation Program will undergo a six months assessment wherein they will have regular counseling and bible studies. They will also be giving a lot of time for reflection and realization.

Drug Rates in Negros Oriental

In the 25 cities and municipalities of Negros Oriental, Sibulan marks as the most numbered of people who surrendered under Oplan Tokhang with 1,168 drug pushers and users. This is then followed by Guihulngan City (1,064), Tanjay City (936), Dumaguete City (913) and then Bais City (881). The lowest number of surrenders for the anti-drug program is Basay with a total of only 116, followed by Manjuyod (124), Bindoy (224), Tayasan (234) and Zamboaguita (285).

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