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Netizens (internet citizen)both locals and foreigners of Dumaguete have made a discussion regarding the new Dumaguete Signage. An open Facebook post was turned into a discussion through the comment area in Hulagway ug Kasikas sa Dumaguete, which posted two pictures yesterday around 5 pm.

I ♥Dumaguete V.S. #DumaGeTmE

The first picture shown on the post showcased the old I ♥(love) DUMAGUETE signboard that was place at the corner fronting the ocean of the Rizal Boulevard. According to most comments of the Facebook post, the old signage was the “best” signage that was ever placed around Dumaguete City.

The second picture of the post, on the other hand, lays the out-line of the suggestion of the possible signage that would be placed at the Rizal Boulevard. The signage reads (from top to bottom): “#DumaGetmE! DUMAGUETE PHILIPPINES”.

Despite the number of supporters for the old signage, there are few netizens who prefer the new #DumaGeTmE idea. A social account even commented that it brings a new ‘modern’ touch to Dumaguete City. Suggestions and ideas are very welcomed at the comment section of the post.

While others are busy discussing and suggesting which signage fits best for Dumaguete, others are just posting how they miss the old signage at the boulevard.

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