Davao – Kadayawan Festival 2017

With the new Cebu Pacific: Dumaguete Davao flights, the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival has turned to be another grand numerous event. The week-long celebration was held from August 14 -20, 2017.

Flight to and From

As announced by Cebu Pacific, Dumaguete Davao and Tacloban Davao flights are made available since July 26, 2017. Without a doubt, this increased the number of foreign visitors in Davao as predicted by the Department of tourism in Davao.

Kadayawan Festival

The celebration of the Kadayawan Festival is known to be the biggest event in the city of Davao. In fact, it is a bigger celebration than the founding anniversary. Unlike the norms of religious festivals and pilgrims all over the Philippines, the Kadayawan Festival revolves on the public celebration of different tribes that composes the city.

Brushing up History

The term “dayaw” in the Dabawenyo dialect means good. With over two million people of different backgrounds and stories, the statement of the term “dayaw” means even more to the city and the festival celebration. The festival is also known to be a thanksgiving ritual of different tribes with colorful costumes and dance. The 2017 Kadayawan Festival marks its’ 32nd celebration.

Highlighted events of the celebration include the fluvial float parade, tribal games, search for Hiyas sa Kadayawan (Miss Kadayawan), and of course the street dancing and showdown competition. Filled with different events, the celebration of the 2017 Kadayawan Festival was made colorful and jolly occurrence.

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