Dauin’s Public Market burnt

A Public market of one of the municipalities of Negros Oriental, Dauin, was blazed with fire last Friday November 4, 2015. According to authorities the fire burnt seventy-six stalls and demolishing items worth about eleven million pesos.

Dauin’s Public Market

The Public Market of Dauin was a place where the people of Dauin purchase all kinds of goods and items from fruits, vegetable and fresh meat to clothes and other beauty products. Dauin’s Public Market offers also several karenderyas (cheap local place to eat) and other convenient stores.

The Public market is central area where the town’s plaza and church are just walking distance away. Dauin’s Public Elementary and High school buildings are also walking distance from the plaza and the church.

The Fire

Police officers and investigators report that the fire started from an electrical problems. The fire broke off about 12:30 a.m. from a store owned by Ms. Cristina Siason in the said market and have successfully spread across the surrounding stalls and shops of the market.

Luckily four stalls were spared from the blazing fire.

The fire department of Dauin did their very best in minimizing the fire. However fire trucks from Dumaguete City and the towns of Bacong and Zamboanguita also came in incredibly response to the alarm set by the people of Dauin.

Thankfully the fire departments were able to put out the fire after two hours of hard work.

After the incident, police officers secured the fire scene to prevent any looting of what was left from the fire. It will take a few months for the Public Market of Dauin to recover from the tragic incident, authorities predicted.

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