Daily Apple Tawa-Tawa Herbal Capsules – A Cure for Dengue?

A herbal food supplement maker in Negros Occidental attempts to make the first drug that will be used for dengue. Herbanext Laboratories Inc. is based in Bago City, Negros Occidental. They launched their Daily Apple Tawa-Tawa Herbal Capsules yesterday August 21, 2019.

A Cure for Dengue???

Dengue virus is rising as one of the most fatal disease in Negros and in the Philippines. It is a mosquito-borne, single positive-stranded RNA virus of the family Flaviviridae. The virus is carried by the mosquitoes then transmitted to humans upon contact. The local toll manufacturing company called Herbanext Laboratories Inc. is attempting to develop the first clinically-proven drug to cure dengue.

Daily Apple Tawa-Tawa Herbal Capsules is the newly created herbal cure for dengue. It is a standardized Tawa-Ttawa extract capsule developed as a food supplement and potential drug to aid in the recovery of dengue patients. Tawa-Tawa (Euphorbia hirta) is a pantropical weed used as a herbal medicine in many parts of the world.

Herbanext Laboratories Inc. President Philip Cruz said they plan to have a clinical trial starting next year. Mr. Cruz also mentioned that the product has yet to undergo three more clinical studies for three to four more years for it to pass as a drug. This will be in collaboration with the University of San Agustin’s Center for Natural Drug Discovery and Development in Iloilo City.

“With the clinical study, this time, we hope that the medical community will start accepting the product,” he said, adding that “what we need to do right now is for the doctors to use it in the health centers and perhaps we can develop better strategies in managing dengue,” he said.

Daily Apple Tawa-Tawa Herbal Capsules – Coming Soon!

According to Mr. Cruz. the Daily Apple Tawa-Tawa Herbal Capsules was released as a food supplement with no therapeutic claims pending further clinical studies is distributed nationwide by 900 branches of Generika Drugstores. Places with a high prevalence of dengue cases including Western Visayas are prioritized for distribution.

Though it was officially made available in the market starting yesterday, the company has initially released 1,000 bottles a month ago. It is now distributing 50,000 bottles monthly, but the volume can still change depending on the demand of the market. The current suggested retail price (SRP) of the product is Pph 15.00 per capsule and Php 450 per bottle with 30 capsules while the dosage is six capsules per day. The food supplement is only intended for dengue patients.

Cruz said since the product was made available in the market, they received feedback on the faster recovery of dengue patients. He said, though, that medical doctor will say that dengue is a natural limiting disease so the patients will really recover.

“So we don’t have proof for that yet, what we are really just relying on is the hundreds of years of Filipino folk wisdom that have been using it.”

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