Complains on City Vet Office

Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas have expressed his thought regarding the “ineffective” performance of the City Veterinary Office (CVO). Headed by Dr. Lourdes Socorro, the City Vet Office have received complains on their low performance regarding the elimination of pest in the public market and the Dog Pound Ordinance among others.

City Vet Dog Pound Ordinance

The City Vet have failed to implement the Dog Pound Ordinance series of 2004 as mentioned by Councilor Arbas. He added that the CVO have dismissed the construction goals on the dog pound with a budget of Php 500, 000.00 and an additional PHP 1, 400.00 for the fabrication of the mobile holding pens at PHP 60, 000.00 each-non-Poblacion barangays.

On the other side of the story, Dr. Socorro said that it is not her office who is in charge of the dog compound and the fabrication. She added that they “cannot move due to lack of technical personnel and a vehicle”. Originally having 40 personnel, the City Vet Office currently has 26 personnel left due to retirement. 12 of these are regular and 14 are casuals.

Dr. Socorro also explained that she had already sent out the letters for the request. However, she was not answered nor called. Despite lack of equipment and other needs, the City Vet was able to make use of the seven vaccinators tasked to vaccinate 15,000 dogs throughout the city and small barangays. Castration for dogs are also available with just one call away from the CVO.

Councilor Arbas still stretches his stress in different factors including the number of dog bites, hygienic slaughtering of meat (like hogs) and the rats and cockroaches around the public market.

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