Comelec: No Delay in release of BEI Honoraria

The Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) is a necessary part of every Philippine election. They act as deputies of Comelec and supervise and control the polling areas where they are assigned and are responsible for the counting of votes in their assigned precinct.

BEI Inspectors receive cash cards

Comelec-Cebu assured all 12,000 of the Board of Election Inspectors in the upcoming May 9 polls will receive their honoraria in the form of cash cards. They also detailed that the allotted budget for the BEI’s were P6,500 each in honorarium.

As this Monday will be the national elections, the Comelec’s records show that there are 4,066 clustered precincts and 1,182 voting centers in Cebu alone and would entail at least three teachers per precinct.

Comelec just recently announced they will be adding P2,000 more in addition to Comelec Resolution No. 10031 which states the chairperson and members of the BEIs shall each receive a total of P4,500 as three-day per diem; transportation allowance; and for doing the verification and sealing of the Book of Voters, and final testing and sealing of vote counting machines.

4.5 Million Voters in Central Visayas

Cebu has the highest number of registered voters among all provinces in the country with 2.7 million and in Central Visayas, it is seconded by Bohol with 798,768 voters, Negros Oriental with 785,712 and vote-rich Siquijor at 68,998. The Comelec has already started its distribution of the vote –counting machines or VCM’s in Cebu and will immediately follow with the rest of the provinces making sure far-flung areas will receive extra units in case a machine breaks down in the midst of the election.

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